How to connect to SNA labs with Wireguard (Ubuntu)


Connect to SNA Labs

Adding SSH Keys

  • Login your credentials by clicking here.

  • Select your profile, then click on 'preferences' tab

  • Select 'SSH keys' from the list of options, then select 'Add key'

  • Open your Terminal and put any of the following commands to generate SSH keys

    • For example, for ED25519:
      ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -C "key-name"
    • For 2048-bit RSA:
      ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048 -C "key-name"

    You can add passphrase if needed

  • Your SSH key is generated.

  • Now copy the key generated which has the extension .pub in it.

    • To view the key, use cat command

  • Paste the public key in the 'key' field, Change the title if needed, then press 'Add key'

  • Now your key has been successfully added.

Wireguard connection

  • Now open and login. Go to 'My Devices' under the connectivity tab, then click on 'Add Device' button and Fill it with your appropriate device requirements.

  • Open your terminal and install wireguard by putting the following command
    sudo apt install wireguard

  • Check whether wireguard has been successfully installed by putting the following command
    wg --version

  • Now generate a wireguard public key and private key by putting the following command
    wg genkey | tee privatekey | wg pubkey > publickey

  • You can see that the private key and public key are generated by using ls command

  • Copy the public key by opening it using cat command

  • Paste the 'Wireguard public key' which you have copied'. Then click 'Verify and Add' button.

  • Now you can see that a new device has been added. But still there is no connection. to connect that press that three dots button, then select 'Show configuration'.

  • Copy the Info in it.

  • Now open terminal and create a new wireguard configuration file by using this command.
    sudo nano /etc/wireguard/confname.conf

Make sure you keep the conf file in the above given location.You can change the name of the conf file as you want.

  • Replace the private key with your private key you generated. and then save it.

  • Now give the following command to start the on the wireguard connection.
    sudo wg-quick up confname

  • You can check whether it has been connected successfully by using the following command
    sudo wg show

  • Now you can see that your device has become online

  • Open 'My Labs', Go to 'Machine Labs', then go to 'Essentials Labs'

  • Click 'Deploy'

  • Click on 'Confirm Deploy'

  • Now copy the SSH command from the connetion settings.

  • Open terminal and connect with essentials lab by pasting the SSH command

  • You have connected to the labs successfully

Visual Studio Code

  • Open VS code and install Remote-SSH extenstion

  • Click the icon from the bottom-left, click 'connect to host'

  • Click 'Add new SSH host'

  • Paste the SSH command, and hit enter.

  • Click 'Connect' below

  • You have successfully with labs vis VS code. you can open the terminal and check it. Also you can see that the SSH is connected to your labs

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